Friday, 19 July 2013

Wednesday, July 17th: Welcoming & Sharing

by Ela & Moira

We had an early rise at 6:15 AM Alaskan time. Due to the time change it was not the easiest to wake everyone up but we managed and made it in time for the Eucharist service at 7 AM. The service was great but the view was even better.

When the service ended we shared a breakfast with St.Mary’s congregation and we offered them a bottle of maple syrup in return for their hospitality.  After breakfast we made our first grocery shopping trip and by the end of the trip we walked out of the store with 4 carts full of groceries and a receipt as tall as Robbie.  Then we got in the van and we were off. (Below)

  Our day followed by spending our afternoon at the Alaskan Native Heritage Centre (below).

We explored many places in the museum…

Viewed some Alaskan sled dogs and their 3 week old pups (Awww)…..

Khalil and Darius explored native culture (below)

Kevin met his cousin for the first time (below)

We took a break for a snack

Ela and Evana played patty cake, and then Robbie, Moira and Evana showed off their modeling skills in moose couture…

And by the end of it we were pooped,

After our visit to the Heritage centre we made our way back to the church and met up with St. Mary’s Youth group. We had such a fun time with them and we now have some great Alaskan friends.

All in all it was a great low key day and by the end we were all ready for bed.


Ela: I still can’t believe I am in Alaska but I can say without a doubt I am having a blast. Today was pretty low key which was exactly what the group needed after all that time in the air. The Native Heritage Centre was amazing but I have to say my highlight was definitely meeting the Alaskan youth group. They were all so friendly and I can now say I have Alaskan friends. Anyways, I am ready to experience more of Alaska and I can’t wait see what tomorrow has in store for me.

Moira:  For me, today was a great day to experience the fact that we’re in a new environment. We faced some interesting situations like making a massive shopping trip that took up four shopping carts and breaking the ice with a group of people that we’d never met. In the end, both interesting situations worked out really well, and visiting the Native Heritage Centre was a fun and enriching experience.


  1. Hi all!

    I'm glad to hear you had a good first day. I know your next many days will be pretty demanding. It's great that you enjoyed your time with the Alaska youth group. I'll try to post lots of comments as I know my groups liked to read/hear them.

    Lots of love, Wendy

  2. Hey guys,
    It looks like you are all well underway and enjoying yourselves!
    I love the photos. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Loving the photos - keep up the great work Steve! -Evan

  4. Hi J2A Journeyers'.....great to hear you made it there allowing yourself to trust in the adventure and recognizing that you are "being watched over and cared for every moment".
    Keep treasuring your experiences and thank you for your beautiful photos and thoughts. It is so wonderful that you were able to meet and share with the Youth group at St. Mary's. Will you be able to do this again? I am sure by now you have been immersed in the magnitude of nature in Denali...looking forward to seeing and learning more. Keep having fun...warm blessings and gratitude Carol :)

  5. Is a joy to read the blog. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Had to think everyone probably wanted to hold one of those puppies and maybe bring one home. May each of you continue to experience joy and God in your journey.