Sunday, 21 July 2013

Friday, July 19th: Into the Wilderness

by Robbie & Darius

Today’s theme of the day was “Into the Wilderness”; we certainly accomplished this. We arrived late into Denali, due to construction and weren't able to sign up for the discovery hike for today. This being the case, we had to get up early in order to sign up for the discovery hike for Sunday.

After booking the hike, we embarked on a ranger led hike down the Horse Shoe Lake Trail. We were joined by several other people and had a very interesting hike. Along the way we learned all about the plants, animals, and geology that are found in Denali. The trail is a series of inclines and declines, crosses rail tracks, runs along steep cliffs and ends at the side of Horse Shoe Lake.

After this we went to see the park’s sled dogs, learned about how important they are to the work that happens in the park, and watched a brief demo of their talents.

It is a pretty dark, dull, and wet daytime in Alaska, and so some people were exhausted and not in the mood for any more walking. So, the group split up. With half returning to the hotel and half continuing to hike up Mount Healy. The Mount Healy hike was strenuous, and those who participated were sore afterwards. Since it was a wet day the ground was also muddy and the rocks were very slippery resulting in less than ideal hiking conditions and some people falling.

The group that returned to the hotel stayed in a room and discussed many things from mystics to some topics that were very important to us as people.

Later the hiking group came home to the hotel with their stories and sweaty clothing! After showers and some down time to recuperate our energy, we headed out dinner at the Sourdough Trading Company, this restaurant is located at our hotel only a 5 minute walk from where we are staying. They offer an all you can eat salad bar, which many people had, other menu items included burgers, fish & chips, and roast chicken. All was very good and a great value for the money.

When we returned to our hotel with full stomachs we gathered in the lobby to discuss our thoughts for the day and also go over some logistics. The talk is always so calming, focusing, and centering. Tired we all went to bed, ready and eager for a new day; a day of searching.


  1. What am amazing trek despite the weather. God's world is so diverse, so wonderful and full of surprises. Keep exploring and engaging with all that God freely offers each one of us.

  2. Wonderful! I'm glad you are enjoying your talks and walks and eating and everything. The dog looks incredibly energetic - like he'd be off like a shot the moment anyone said go.

  3. Great to see and hear the diversity of your days and the options you choose. Wonderful that you have opportunities to discuss, explore, reflect, rest and enjoy the adventure and discoveries you are making alone and as a group. Thanks for the pictures and "Woohoo to the trekkers who persevered onto Mount Healey. I am sure the view and accomplishment was something to be very proud of....keep well, may God keep watching and guiding each one of you. Warm blessings...Carol

  4. Great journal entry; sounds like an amazing day! -Evan

  5. I just came back from my holidays to log onto this. Wow! I am so impressed by all that you're doing! Your reflections and the pics paint a thousand words. Thanks so much for the efforts you're putting in to keeping us in the loop! Sylvia

  6. The time spend with the dogs must have been nice. Wow and the scenery - breathtaking!