Friday, 19 July 2013

Tuesday, July 16th: One Day Down, Ten to Go

by Khalil & Darius

 After a heartfelt blessing ceremony, our intrepid group of pilgrims set out for the airport. Their destination: Alaska. But first they had to overcome a whopping 20 hours of perilous air travel.   After a final Timmy’s run … or two … or three, they were bound for Chicago, their loving families getting farther away with every passing second. There were no tears however, since they were with each other; their pilgrimage family.
After an unavoidable hour and a half delay in Chicago, they were flying against the clock in order to make their ever closing connection period in San Francisco. The stress soon disappeared, as they watched in awe at the prairies, hills, lakes, and mountains passing below them. Our pilgrims touched down with a mere 30 minutes to their next flight (this one to Anchorage) and rushed to their connection. 

 But in an unbelievable twist of fate, their next flight was delayed! (Okay, maybe it was somewhat predictable.) When they realized that we would actually make the connection, they felt as though someone was watching out for them. They set out for Anchorage at dusk, chasing the setting sun, which they soon caught for just a few minutes before night took over. They touched down at midnight in Alaska (4 AM in Ottawa!), thankfully everyone’s luggage made it there safely, and soon the pilgrims arrived at their host church. The weary travelers finally got some much needed sleep.

Sunset over Alaska viewed from the plane.

Getting into the mind-set..

Exhausted in Anchorage.

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