Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sunday, July 21st: Embracing Uncertainty.

by Khalil & Moira.

Day 3 in Denali saw the whole group reach new heights in their hiking abilities. The day’s activity was a long strenuous hike up a river bed with no trail, followed by bush-whacking through dense brush, up to a hill above the arctic meadows. Shortly into the hike most people’s shoes were already soaked from many crossings of the mountain drainage river. Nobody minded however, because they were in awe at the tracks, plants, and scenery around them. Unfortunately some of us could not bear to finish the bush whacking, so we stopped the hike just before the halfway point. We were not disappointed as we returned the way we came, but proud of what we were able to accomplish. That evening we took it easy, and rested.

Khalil’s thoughts:
This hike was definitely a first for me. Being out in Denali, off the trails, surrounded by moose prints, bones, scat, mountains, and brush made me feel very isolated. It was a great time for reflection. I felt extremely honoured to be one of only 24 people who walk up that river every year. While bush whacking I felt so close to nature as I followed moose trails and stepped over bear scat. Luckily for us though nobody came face to face with a wild animal! The river crossings and bush whacking was hard, but I think that they were the best parts of the hike.

Moira's thoughts:
When I was on this hike today, I felt really connected to the land and the nature around me. Crossing the river multiple times, getting my feet soaking wet each time I crossed  it, and feeling the freezing cold water rush into my hiking boots really helped me feel closer to the natural world. Another thing that I felt was really important to my experience today was seeing the large number of moose jaws littering the area along the river bank, as well as the the even larger number of piles of moose scat, and how many mooses (or meese, or maybe even mice; I have no idea which is the best term) are eaten by wolves or possibly bears.


  1. What a wonderful day and beautiful photos. Thank you. I loved the reflections on the day and felt I was there - seeing all the bones, feeling the cold water, being in God's great creation. Thank you. Stay safe. May you continue to know God's embrace of each of you.

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful in the mountains. The photos are very nice depictions of everyone having a wonderful time.
    The old bones were neat

  3. It looks remote and wild. I bet the winds in the winter are ferocious. Keep safe but keep stretching yourselves and being open. God be with you.

  4. It is fabulous to follow your progress -- the photos are wonderful, and your thoughts give us insight into the beauty and challenge you're encountering. You can now call yourselves "intrepid!"

  5. Wow, what a day of challenge, beauty, courage, teamwork, accomplishments and lasting memories. Thank you for the wonderful depiction of the tundra and habitat, how vast and beautiful the land is and so physically challenging at the same time. Wonderful views.....hoping you are all very proud of your accomplishments and embracing "Uncertainty" with God's loving guidance and support, may you treasure this time together and in God's creation.