Friday, 26 July 2013

Tuesday, July 23rd: Awe

by Darius & Moira.

Today after a long, painful, heartfelt discussion we set off to the Harding Ice Fields and Nature Center. As we started hiking up the Ice Fields, we were consumed by a plague of flies from the depths of hell. As we cleared the trees and flies parted we came upon an amazing view of the Exit Glacier which was blue in colour. We had decided to split up, some would eat lunch others would go farther and others would go farther faster.

After we all had returned down the mountain we had returned to our cabins for a couple of hours we went to barbeque our dinner. We had burgers and cedar planked salmon with veggies and corn, after we had finished dinner we had a good old campfire and cooked up some s'mores for dessert as that happened we needed more firewood so we got some. When we were done we finished up some post cards and packed up and went to sleep. 

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